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New and Previously Owned L.I.F.E. Systems:
Seriously Smart Technologies is a leader in EPR Biofeedback Device Sales, Service and Support. We have been assisting people in the Biofeedback industry since 2002. This website will showcase several new and previously owned L.I.F.E. Systems that are currently available. We are located in Saginaw Michigan USA, and have worked with people in over 50 countries around the globe.

Purchasing previously owned equipment can sometimes be a challenge:
There are many used biofeedback devices being sold on the internet, and by word of mouth. If a biofeedback device is being sold, you must ask a few questions such as…why are they selling it? Is something wrong with it? How do I know if it works correctly since it was in possession of someone who may not have used it properly or may not have taken proper care of it? How do I learn how to use it? Who will I call when I need technical support? These devices are registered as Class II medical devices in North America, so am I following the proper procedures for purchasing a device that has been registered with the FDA? or Health Canada, or any other regulatory body?

Along with he manufacturer of the L.I.F.E. System, we are so concerned about everything being done correctly when transfer of ownership is being taking place that we inspect the system and then send it to L.I.F.E. for an additional inspection. They don't ship out from this facility unless they are found to meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. All of our previously owned biofeedback devices go through the proper transfer of ownership procedures as set forth by the manufacturer of the device. We back this up with our own 1 year warranty on each device we sell. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures that are covered under the original manufacturers warranty when the device was new.

We acquire these devices in a variety of ways, usually on a consignment contract with the previous owner. We then perform full function tests using a computer and the appropriate software for that device and test software functionality with the device attached. We also perform function tests using an Oscilloscope, which tests voltage, wave forms and frequency activity to and from the device. We perform the same Oscilloscope tests on the connections to ensure that everything is functioning properly and according to the manufacturers specifications. We then provide a testing certificate that assures you that the device meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications for that device.

Training: We offer an optional online biofeedback training course. Training certificate will expire 1 year from the date of purchase and can not be renewed. We suggest that you begin your training immediately.

Payment Options: There are several payment options including the use of Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Certified Check or Money Order. We also have financing options available. We will ship your system in approximately 3 weeks from the time your payment processing has been completed.

We hope you enjoy your L.I.F.E. System!!



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