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Purchasing previously owned equipment can sometimes be a challenge. Here at Used Biofeedback Devices we have eliminated the challenge for you. When we were putting this website together, we thought about how scary it can be sometimes to purchase previously owned equipment. We decided that something special was needed to ensure our customers they were getting equipment that was in the best working condition and that they could count on us to give them the best value for their money. We feel that with the program we have developed for the devices we provide is the best that you will find anywhere. Sure there are other used devices being sold on the internet, and by word of mouth, but if the device is being sold, you must ask a few questions such as….why are they selling it? Is something wrong with it? How do I know if it actually works correctly since it was in possession of someone who may not have used it properly or may not have taken proper care of it? How do I learn how to use it? Who will I call when I need technical support? QXCI, SCIO and INDIGO devices are classified as a Class II medical device in the USA, so am I following the proper proceedures for purchasing a device that has been registered with the FDA? or Health Canada, or any other regulatory body?

We developed a system of testing and certification so that you can feel comfortable about your purchase of previously owned equipment. These are expensive devices that perform very important functions…..they don’t ship out from our facility unless they are found to meet or exceed the manufacturers specifications. We also will not ship out a device without it going through the proper transfer of ownership proceedures as set forth by the manufacturer of the device. We back this up with our own 1 year warranty on each device we sell. Obviously the warranty is not an accident policy, if you drop it in a bathtub, or down a flight of stairs, that wouldn't be covered. Power Surges and electrical spikes are also not covered. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and failures that are covereed under the orignal manufacturers warranty when the device was new.

We purchase Used Biofeedback Devices from owners who want to sell their system, also from various sources like auctions, estate sales, etc. at a low price. Sometimes we just offer to sell on consignment, it depends on the finances available at the time. We then perform full function tests using a computer and the appropriate software for that device and test software functionality with the device attached. We also perform function tests using an Oscilloscope, which actually tests wave forms and frequency activity to and from the device. We perform the same Oscilloscope tests on the connections to ensure that everything is functioning properly and according to the manufacturers specifications. We then provide a certificate that assures you that the device meets or exceeds the manufacturers specifications for that device.

TRAINING: We offer an optional online biofeedback training course. Training certificate will expire 1 year from the date of purchase and can not be renewed. We suggest that you begin your training immediately.

COMPUTERS: Some previously owned systems will be "Device only" and not have a computer included. You will be responsible in this case to provide your own computer, install your software, and do final setup of your system, including the software activation. We have made this option for those of you who may already have a device or have had experience in this and do not really need our special services. For the systems that include a used computer, we will inspect the computer for any problems and repair or replace the necessary parts if needed. We will update the Windows installation, install the appropriate software, mate the device and activate the software. All of this is done before the system ships to you so that when you receive it, you just follow a few instructions for setup, then turn it on and go right to work. The used computers may be any specific brand we have in stock at the time but are usually the exact computer we received with the device at the time of our acquiring it. Used computers will not have a warranty. We also offer an option to purchase on of the most recommended computers for this kind of biofeedback software. See each listing individually, however we do reccommend the Quantum Computers brand of laptops. For those purchasing a QXCI Device, you need to be aware that as of now, there are no laptop computers being manufactured with the ability to connect a QXCI device. If a new computer is needed, you will need to use a Desktop computer which can also be in a small form factor style to make it smaller than a standard desktop tower. We can discuss those options by phone.

For QXCI devices, the computer requires a parallel port. Some older computers (used or refurbished) will have a standard parallel port while other newer computers will need a PCMCIA or ExpressCard adapter for the parallel port. For SCIO (EPFX) devices, there were two device versions available, the first version had a serial port, and the second version had a USB Type A Port. For those devices having a Serial port, we will provide either a computer with a serial port, or add a Serial to USB adapter cable to make it function with the newer computers that do not have serial ports. In either of these cases, when you select a device that includes a computer, we will provide you with the proper functioning connection system so that everything mates together perfectly and functions to manufacturers specifications. Sometimes there will be options, and other times we might have a limited supply. We take each order as a "special order" and give personal attention to specific requests.

For systems that are marked as having a NEW computer included, the computer brand is "Quantum Computers" because they are designed specifically for SCIO and INDIGO Systems. the Quantum Computers brand of Laptops are gaming style computers designed for intense use as computer gaming is one of the most intense things you can do with a laptop. so you know you are getting a high end system capable of supporting your intense Biofeedback software. The computers have a FULL HD screen resolution unlike most laptop computers you will find in the stores or on MainStream computer companies websites. They also use discrete graphics which is very important for the Clasp32 and INDIGO software. Just click on the link in the descriptions to see the computers and thier specifications....or call if you have any questions.

Each system is a little bit different, so be sure to check the details on each product to make sure you know exactly what is provided. Nothing additional is provided other than what is listed on the webpage for the particular device listing.

Purchasing these systems must be accomplished through one of our other websites or through a purchase contract. There are several payment options including the use of Credit Cards, Bank Wire, Certified Check or Money Order. We will ship your system in 2 to 3 weeks from the time your payment processing has been completed.

We hope you enjoy your new Used Biofeedback System!!

Typical Pricing for new. refurbished, and previously owned devices:

QXCI Devices were manufactured from 1999 to 2004
Manufacturing was discontinued in 2004. At that time the new device price was $13,500 USD.
These devices can no longer be refurbished as parts are no longer available and parallel technology is now obsolete on new laptop computers.
As of 2012 Previously owned devices typically sell for approximately $5000 USD with a functioning computer.

SCIO Devices were manufactured from 2004 to 2012
The published price for new devices from Budapest was 15,000 EUR. (Aproximately $20,000 USD)
As of 2012 Refurbished devices typically sell for approximately 8,000 EUR which does not include a computer. (Aproximately $11,000 USD)
As of 2012 Previously owned devices typically sell for approximately 6,000 EUR which does not include a computer. (Aproximately $8,000 USD)

INDIGO Devices were manufactured from 2010 to 2012
The published price for new devices was $24,000 USD which included a new 15.6" laptop computer.
We are not aware of any refurbishment program for INDIGO devices at this time, however we have the ability to test and repair these devices.
As of 2012 Previously owned devices typically sell for approximately $18,000 to 20,000 USD with a functioning computer.

NEW INDIGO Devices: We are hearing reports that new INDIGO devices are being manufactured and available for new sales in late May 2013.
We are currently developing a waiting list so to speak. for those of you interested in a brand new INDIGO system,
please send an email to sales@usedbiofeedbackdevices.com and our new sales division will contact you and give you the details.

NEW Eductor Devices: October 2012 was the scheduled launch for Eductor devices to be sold and shipped into the USA. however there are still.
some final processes being arranged with various regulatory bodies in several countries. Shipping has not yet begun for Eductor devices into North America.
We will keep you informed if these devices become available in North America.



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